Women Are Sharing The Best Way To Mess Up With Every Men’s Mind: Accepting Their Compliments

Everybody wants to feel appreciated, but when someone doesn’t understand their worth, a simple compliment can be used against them. Men who are skilled at this game, use flattery to take advantage of women who do not appreciate the beauty they bear. Good thing Feminista Jones, a feminist writer, community activist, and social worker from Philadelphia, stepped into the scene to mess up with men’s state of mind. It all began when she posted a tweet saying, “Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you.” Fellow women shared their experiences and it is absolutely fascinating to see that more women are learning to appreciate the importance of self-love and confidence. Watch as women ruin men’s foolish schemes and reveal their true intentions through the following tweets.

It all started with a challenge to piss off a man by agreeing with his compliment.

According to Jones, men didn’t like it when women agree with their compliments.

Because this sarcastic remark will definitely hurt their ego.

How then are they suppose to hit on you?

Apparently, it’s an offense to them when women know how to retract their foolish schemes.

With this response, we see a man’s true colors.

Take this as a perfect example.

More women were compelled  to share their own story.

And they are definitely enjoying the whole process.

Jones added that confidence in women is not celebrated as much than that of men.

It is often viewed as arrogance and vanity.

To every woman out there, confidence is a beautiful thing.

Know your worth and become your most beautiful.

To those who conquered their fears and stood up for themselves…

You go girl! You just showed them some mean girl power!

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