This Cat From Vietnam Is The Purrrfect Fish Vendor, And His Hilarious Photos Are Going Viral

Running a business can be hard nowadays. That’s why sellers and merchants would bend over backwards just to entice customers. But there’s one street merchant in Vietnam who doesn’t need any tricks to draw customers, his adorableness is enough to pull you into his stand. This three year old cat named Dog helps out his owner, Le Quoc Phong, in his stand at the street market. They’ve been partners for quite some time. Since Dog is technically a businessman, Le Quoc Phong always makes sure that Dog dresses for the part. Many critics comment that Le Quoc Phong’s costumes make Dog uncomfortable, but he claims that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Le Quoc Phong claims that Dog loves wearing these costumes, and loves the attention he gets from wearing them. To see more of Dog in action, you can visit Le Quoc Phong’s Facebook page or Dog’s Instagram feed.
(h/t: boredpanda)

Meet Dog, The Three Year Old Fish Vendor

He Was Named ‘Dog’ Because Of His Puppy-Like Behavior

His Owner, Le Quoc Phong, Made Sure Dog Always Looked Business Ready

Working Hard At Work, Dog Strolls The Stalls Of The Street Market

Dog Waiting For His Customers To Buy Fish

Dog Eyeing A Customer To Buy His Fish

Dog Waiting For His Fish To Be Weighed

Dog Never Fails To Remain Classy Despite The Fishes That Surround Him

Dog Is A Fish Vendor Who Sells A Wide Variety Of Fish

But He Doesn’t Only Sell Fish, He Also Sells Different Kinds Of Meat

And Poultry

And Vegetables

But He Will Always Go Back To Selling Fish

Wherever He Goes, Dog Is Always Ready To Have His Picture Taken

But There Are Days Where Dog Loves To Relax Just Like A Regular Cat

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