The Simpsons Predicted Disney Would Buy Fox Way Back In 1998

Today Disney took control of 20th Century Fox, paying $52.4 billion for the privilege. As ESPN’s Darren Rovel was the first to point out via Twitter, The Simpsons predicted today’s deal in an episode that aired way back on November 8, 1998. Needless to say, this umpteenth successful prediction by The Simpsons’ creators caused quite a stir, and people were quick to post their opinion about it.
Take a look at the video from the episode that featured the prediction, and read some funny reactions below.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell was the first to remember about this bizarre prediction

And people were quick to reply with some good sense of humor

Some pointed out this is just the last of many successful predictions performed by The Simpsons

Some others were just concerned about the future of their beloved FOX tv shows

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