The First Animal You See In This Picture Reveals Your Personality

Personality is defined as the set of habitual behaviors, cognitions and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors.
There are an infinite number of traits that define an individual’s personality, but there is always a primary trait that characterizes and predicts a person’s behavior.
Basically, depending on which is our primary trait, we often see things the way we want to see them.
To explain you how this neural path works, we propose you to take part in this simple experiment.
Take a look at the illustration below, depending on what animal you’ll see first, chances are we’ll be able to guess your personality.

What’s the first animal you see in this photo?


If the first animal you saw was the horse, you a person who values your freedom. You are ambitious, wild and free, and walk your own personal path to success.
You never step back when it comes to work hard and you are honest and family driven.


If you saw the dog before any other animal, you value the little things life has to give. You are loyal and easy going, and it’s difficult to see you in a bad mood. You are always ready to help the people you love, and want nothing back. One advice? Take some time for yourself every now and then.


If you saw the wolf first, you value your privacy. As we all know, wolves are pack animals, and just like them you feel comfortable when surrounded with your small circle of trusted friends. For this reason, you are kind of picky when it comes to make new friends, and give your trust only to a few close people in your life.


If the first animal you noticed is the eagle, you are a person who don’t like to compromise. It’s all or nothing for you, and you are most likely going to win. You are a natural born leader, and people usually love you or hate you. Despite your strong personality, you really care about others, and would do anything for your family and close friends.


Rooster hide their strong personality behind their small body, so, if this is the first animal you saw, you are most likely to bee resilient, smart and with a strong work ethic. Perseverance is one of your most important qualities, and it’s the trait that will most likely bring you to success.


Butterflies are beautiful but ever-changing, and they get better as they grow older. You are most likely an adaptable person, but you don’t like to waste time with small talk. You prefer to act instead of planning, and you appreciate every perk life has to give. Downsides? Chances are you are pretty moody.


If the mantis is the first picture you saw, you are probably a person who prefers to spend his time alone than surrounded by people who don’t mean much to you. Chances are you are an introvert, but when you find someone you like, you are pretty easy to get along with. You are intelligent and you know it, and one of your qualities is to use it to always turn the situation in your favor.


You should never judge a book by its cover, and you should never judge a crab by his hard shell. They are soft inside and so you are. The people who have the patience to know you better will discover a person who’s totally different that what it looks like from the outside. Sense of humor and happiness are some of your most important traits. You brighten the day of the people who are lucky enough to spend some time with you.

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