Pink Says You Should Stay “Off The Scale”, And Her Photos Prove It

Society has put up standards on how people should look, and this definitely has a negative effect on women and young girls. If you are one of those who are sick and tired of the labels and the biases media has been trying to instill in us, then let’s be one with celebrity mom, Pink, who worked hard to reach her fitness goal after giving birth to her 2nd child, but decided to ditch the numbers on the scale because that’s not what’s going to define her. With her advocacy to stay off the scale, Pink expresses her aversion towards submitting to social standards, because staying strong and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean skinny. Scroll down and see how Pink lives an admirable life, free from labels and social biases, but teeming with joy and contentment.

Pink uploaded this gym selfie with a caption that urges women to stay off the scale.

The post reached 230,000 likes over the weekend, and people were grateful for Pink’s anti-scale sentiments.

Pink continues to inspire women by living the life off the scale, and balancing time for work and family while staying healthy and strong at the same time.

We are blessed to have women like Pink stand up for what really matters in life. So be inspired, pursue real joy, find contentment, and don’t forget, the numbers on the scale do not define you.

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