Photographer Takes Portraits Using Only An iPhone And A Big Mac Box, And The Results Are Perfect

Many people who are getting started in photography think they need expensive equipment and accessories in order to take great shots. However, for French photographer Philippe Echaroux, all it took were an iPhone, a flashlight, and a McDonald’s Big Mac box. Echaroux challenged himself through this unusual setup, and proved that you don’t need fancy equipment to create some great imagery, because the photographer’s eye is more important than how much you spend in photo gear. If you also want to take on the portrait challenge, Echaroux’s tip is to is rub oil from the fries into the box, and voilà, you get an instant boost to your light output. Scroll down to see the portraits shot by Echaroux, and check out the detailed process through the video in the end. Know more about the project on Echaroux’s website, or follow him on Instagram.
(h/t: petapixel)

The lighting setup consists of a flashlight, a drinking straw, and a Big Mac box.

When assembled, it looks like this.

He sets the light slightly above the subject’s face and takes the shot using an iPhone.

Here are a few of the portraits he captured:

Watch this video to see how this project was done:

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