Photographer Empowers Sick And Disabled Kids By Portraying Them As Superheroes

Professional photographer Josh Rossi has already been under the internet spotlight twice when he turned his daughter into Wonder Woman and Belle of Beauty and the Beast using his photography and Photoshop skills. With inspiration from his past projects, he’s back with a new one where he transformed six children, under the age of 8, into Justice League super heroes, which he called Kid Super Heroes Series. These kids, however, are not ordinary kids, they are children fighting through illnesses like cancer and heart defect. Rossi made it a goal in the series to take these kids’ weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Indeed, the final output never fell short in displaying the stunning strength the children have as they pose with confidence in every shot. Witness such empowering and heartwarming event in the lives of these kids through their superhero portraits below and their videos receiving the print. Know more about Rossi’s projects through his website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
(h/t: petapixel)

Teagan Pettit as Superman

Teagan has hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Kayden Kinckle as Cyborg

Kayden was born with omphalocele and has had both of his legs amputated.

Sofie Loftus as Wonder Woman

Sofie has embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

Simon Fullmer as Batman

Simon has a rare form of nerve cancer called neuroblastoma.

Zaiden Stolrow as The Flash

Zaiden has severe ADHD.

Mataese Manuma as Aquaman

Mataese has acute megakaryoblastic leukemia.

Truly, these kids exemplify superhero strengths as they face challenges head on.

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