Mom Takes Photos Of Herself With Her Daughters In Matching Outfits To Capture Their Unspoken Bond

Dominique, the writer behind fashion and lifestyle blog All That Is She, is a mother to two daughters who came up with a creative photo series she named All That Is Three.
The series features Dominique and her daughters, Amelia and Penny looking all adorable as they pose according to their height, wearing matching clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and props. The three happened to have worn similar striped tops once and styled their hair in a bun, thinking it was Instagram-worthy, Dominique posted it up her page. The photo garnered a ton of likes and good feedback from her followers which inspired her to create the series and upload more photos with themes ranging from cute summer outfits to comfy winter clothes. Fall in love with this cute trio as they express an unspoken bond through the following photos. Visit Dominique’s All That Is She, and check her out on Instagram, and Facebook for more.

This is the first photo they took in matching outfits, and its huge success inspired Dominique and her two daughters to create a photo series.

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