Mom Explains Why We Should Stop Asking Women When They’ll Have Kids, And Wins The Internet

There are a number of milestones most people go through during their lifetime.
Some of these are supposed to happen around a certain age, like graduating from high school or university, and some others, like getting married or having children, obviously don’t have strict age requirements.
In spite of that, if at a certain age we still didn’t get married or didn’t have children, we may start feeling the pressure of not having accomplished what people expected us to do.
There are so many 35 or 40 years old couples who don’t have children, and the reasons vary so much from case to case. What doesn’t change, though, is the pressure people put on them.
This is why Adele Barbaro from The Real Mumma published a honest post on Facebook about the reasons why we should all stop asking women when they’ll have kids.

This is Adele Barbaro from The Real Mumma. She posted a powerful statement on her Facebook page explaining why we should all stop asking women when they’ll be having children

In her Facebook post, she goes on about how hard it is for a lot of married couples to naturally conceive a child.

Initially, it was great during their honeymoon phase. But as time passed, the small joys of not having children turned to dread.

Then she goes on about her expensive and shattering struggle with artificial fertility treatments, and how so many couples face the same thing.

Needless to say, she hit home for everyone who agreed–having children should just be a matter between the married couple alone

And there’s the thought of just not judging couples in general

Soon, a few mothers shared their bittersweet stories about the hardships of conceiving

More kept pouring in

What do you think about the struggles of having children in a marriage? Comment below and tell us all about it.

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