Little Girl Uses Hilarious Strategy To Guilt Her Dad Into Adopting A Stray Cat, Finally Gets What She Wants

Grieving upon the loss of a pet is a hard process, and oftentimes it makes us reluctant to adopt a new pet. Exactly what happened to Danielle Grubisic and her family, when their 19-year-old cat passed away two years ago. The event was particularly hard for Danielle’s 13-year-old sister, Peyton. However, despite the heartbreak, Peyton wanted a new cat so much, and she’s been asking her dad to get her another one for quite some time now. But even after much convincing, she seemed to fail, so she resorted to a different approach. Peyton, being the persistent and persuasive girl that she is, devised a “wall of sorrow” where she expressed her heart through pieces of paper, in hopes of finally getting her dad to grant her plea. Scroll down and watch as Peyton succeeds with her endeavor by taking her dad on a guilt trip through her “wall of sorrow”.

13-year-old Peyton was determined to get a new cat, but she needed to convince her dad first.

She wasn’t succeeding, until she had the idea to create a “wall of sorrow”

The smart little girl wrote some really moving words on pieces of paper, in order to start a guilt trip for her dad.

Who could ever resist such a brilliant scheme?

For sure her dad was unable to resist, and they finally got a rescue cat that they named Mittens.

Peyton’s efforts finally paid off and now they have sweet Mittens as a new member of their family.

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