Kid Writes To Tooth Fairy Asking For More Money, And The Reply He Gets Is Hilarious

Reddit user Thoughtfulprof recently posted pictures of his friend’s son who wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. The boy asked for a raise on the price of a tooth, from a dollar to five dollars, and luckily, someone from the headquarters gave him a response. The reply was filled with creative acronyms and dental puns which came in a format that’s specifically landscaped and was corporate in construction. The hilariously formal letter got the internet to react in hilarious ways, to the point of predicting the possible outcome the letter will bring in the boy’s life. Scroll down and see the funny variety of responses this post got from the internet.

Once there was a boy who thought of writing to the tooth fairy.


He specifically requested for the tooth compensation to be raised from $1 to $5.


The Director of the Department of Dental Disturbance (DDD) knew about his request and wrote him back a letter saying:


Due to the letter’s perplexity, the internet wondered…

Good thing some people have been thinking like  tooth fairies.

Some thought it was really good.

But others thought it could have been done better.

Many got creative and came up with more dental puns.

Some are into predicting what would happen in the future.

Even so, many were able to relate and this one particularly spilled some truth about the tooth fairy.

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