Japanese Artist Uses Comics To Explain The Feelings We All Know But Can’t Describe With Words

Emotions are very personal and powerful experiences. This can make it hard for most people to communicate how they feel, because sometimes words can’t even begin to describe the broad spectrum of human emotions. Fortunately, humans aren’t limited to just one form of communication, and when words fail, art starts to speak. A Japanese artist who goes by the twitter name Avogado6 uses his artistry to bridge the gap words aren’t able to cross. But other than his exceptional ability to paint visualizations of human emotions, not much is known about this artist. Here are some of his artworks, that perfectly depict the beauty and tragedy of the human experience.

1. Running out of power

2. Time

3. Life is better online

4. Apathy

5. “I’m completely fine.”

6. Mercilessness of time

7. Just one wrong move

8. Unbearable fragility

9. To spread like butter on bread

10. When your job is draining your life energy from you

11. Too much words

12. Flightless dreamer

13. The embracing darkness

14. Silence

15. Burned out corporate puppet

16. Education gap

17. Piecing yourself together

18. Meeting “the one”

19. Locking your heart away

20. Filtering the essence of humanity

21. Trying to preserve things that aren’t meant to last

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