Hair Nostril Extensions Are A Thing Now, And We Frankly Don’t Know What To Think

Every now and then, a weird beauty trend comes out online. Sometimes they are beautiful to see, and some times they just don’t work so well.
The latter is probably the case of nostril hair extensions, that are causing quite a conversation on the internet between people who see them just like another beauty trend, and people who find them plain disgusting.
It all began when Instagram user gret_chen_chen published a photo of her brand new nostril hair extensions, realized with fake eyelashes, on her profile. Immediately, more and more people tried to emulate her style, even making YouTube tutorials.

This is the photo that started it all

Needless to say, people reacted in mixed ways. Some liked this extravagant idea, but most of them found it just too weird to try. Here are some mixed reactions from vlogger@iamtay_tay‘s followers on Twitter

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