Guy Poses For Hilarious Maternity Shoot To Celebrate Fatherhood, After Eating Loads Of McDonalds

Maternity photoshoots are done all over the world, and they’re no longer a new thing. What’s new is a maternity photoshoot with a dad-to-be and his fast food baby belly as subject, and this is exactly what Nick Roberts and his photographer friend Stephen Cwiok did in honor of Nick’s girlfriend’s pregnancy. With a little help from McDonald’s, he flaunted his tummy in it’s most bulging state and posed for the funniest maternity photoshoot ever.

Meet Nick Roberts.

To celebrate fatherhood, he and his photographer friend Stephen Cwiok, arranged a maternity photoshoot.

In order to look a bit more pregnant, he grabbed some McDonald’s and went off with the shoot.

He even featured some of his tummy-fillers in most of the photos.

On his Facebook post he said, “If I’m being completely honest, the setting, the occasion, the awful cramps from the double cheeseburgers, it all brought me so much closer to the pregnancy.”

Roberts will never experience the fulfillment of real pregnancy, but he believes it can’t be that different from eating lots of fast food.

“Now, I’ll never know what being in labor feels like, but i feel in my heart it can’t be too far away from eating A LOT of fast food.”

“I’m truly blessed to have had this eye-opening experience”

And we are even more blessed with hilarious people like Roberts who spread so much laughter throughout the whole cyberspace.

The internet definitely appreciated the efforts behind this hilarious project.

An they have been sending their virtual applause through the post’s comments section.

This photoshoot made a lot of people’s day

Some thought it was sexy…

And everyone agree that this photoshoot is giggle galore!

Overall, it was a perfect recipe to kick-off the cheerful holidays, and the internet couldn’t be more involved.

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