22 Funny Teachers Who Are Totally Winning At Their Job

Most students would probably spend as little time as possible at school, but this is probably not the case for the lucky students who get to spend their time with the cool teachers of this photo gallery, who show us that they care to teach their students at a personal level rather than teaching for the sake of it. And to show you this, here are a some teachers who would do anything to inculcate knowledge and make a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of their students.

1. A teacher who is a master at astronomical humor.

2. A teacher who happens to be a rockstar.

3. When your teacher is Gandalf the White.

4. History classes won’t be boring with this teacher.

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5. What a proper demonstration looks like.

6. A cool teacher knows the relation of Pokémon to real life.

7. This is how cool teachers encourage students.

8. A cool teacher’s way of caring about your future.

9. This class will be a good one.

10. You gotta believe this teacher.

11. A cool teacher knows how to keep things interesting.

12. A cool teacher has a great sense of humor.

13. Philosophy made cleverly easy.

14. A cool teacher welcomes cats in class.

15. You’ll never forget about this teacher.

16. Cool teachers are honest people.

17. Cool teachers are big on effort.

18. Cool teachers don’t need laser pointers.

19. When the teacher forgets classroom keys.

20. A cool teacher is always happy to see the whole class.

21. Cool teachers cannot be fooled.

22. Cool teachers know how to keep students on their seats.

23. Cool teachers mind their student’s babies if necessary

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