Freshly Groomed Dogs Posed For A Pawsome Nativity Scene Photo, And The Internet Had Mixed Reactions

It’s almost Christmas and people around the world are starting to feel its cheer.
To celebrate Christmas, groomers at Wags To Riches, an UK-based grooming company, decided to recreate the nativity scene with the help of their furry friends.
According to Toby and Jo, owners of Wags To Riches, convincing the dogs to take part to the scene wasn’t too difficult, “They were all happy to sit for the photo” they told The Dodo, “It’s amazing what dogs will do for a biscuit.”
The groomers specified that the cute puppy in the manger is actually just a pottery figurine, but we believe that a cat, just like the ones in this post, would have been more than happy to take part to the scene, or maybe just crash it.
This cute photo caused quite a debate on social media, with some people feeling offended by the canine representation of nativity. Scroll down to see the picture and the relative social reactions.

Here is the pawsome representation of nativity. Both Wags To Riches’ resident dogs and some clients’ dogs took part to the scene.

The cute puppy in the manger, though, is just a pottery figurine.

Most people were amused by this canine representation of an iconic scene.

Some others felt offended by it.

And this is how people who loved the picture responded.

Many Christians were among the people who loved the photo.

What’s your opinion about it? Let us know in the comments.

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