Famous Actor is Approached By Kids Selling Puppies, Chooses The One Who’s Barely Alive

If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know that you don’t really choose it, but rather is the pet that actually chooses you. You don’t decide which pet to pick up and take home with you, you just feel an instant bond with one of the puppies and let your gut be your guide.
This is exactly what happened to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he was approached by some kids selling puppies, and the friendship that followed that moment is one of a kind.

People who work in show business have the privilege of using their influence for good. Just like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor best known for his roles in Supernatural, The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead.


While Jeffrey was in Venice beach in California, he was approached by a group of kids selling puppies. They tried to sell him the puppies at $350 each. But instead of buying and picking out the healthiest one, Jeffrey pointed to the puppy lying at the bottom of the box. The kids discouraged his choice by saying that she wasn’t going to make it through the night.

Disregarding the kids’ remarks, Jeffrey bought the dog for $20. Although he had doubts about the puppy’s condition, he still wanted to give the puppy all the chances she could have to survive. So he brought the puppy to the veterinarian. But even the vet said that her chances of survival were bleak.


To everyone’s surprise, the puppy’s health started to improve, allowing her to take puppy formula from a bottle. Elated by his pup’s condition, Jeffrey introduced her to his other dog, Bandit. Bandit instantly welcomed her to the family, and now she not only has a new human father, but also a brother as well.


Jeffrey named his dog Bisou, meaning kiss in French. A reference to how the pup used to kiss her way around her milk bottle. Bisou’s incredible will to live inspired Jeffrey so much that he had her name tattooed on his arm.

Jeffrey even told his pup’s inspiring story on Bonnie Hunt’s talk show. He used his platform and influence as an actor to inspire other dog lovers to never give up on their beloved pets and to remind people that saving a dog doesn’t only change the dog’s life, it also changes their lives.


Even though Bisou is no longer in this world, she spent twelve wonderful years with Jeffrey. Twelve years she wouldn’t have had if not for the incredible love and kindness of her wonderful human.

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