Lost Dog Is Left Alone At Shelter For 2 Years, Then Recognizes A Familiar Smell

It has always been a struggle for older dogs to find a new home, and this struggle was definitely real for a dog named Pakita. It had been two years since she was dropped off at the Argentina Arca’s Animal Rescue Center by a person who found her wandering in the streets, and adoptions were still nowhere in sight. According to volunteer Silvia Ferreyra, people preferred to adopt puppies. Dogs like Pakita just keep getting passed over for younger and happier dogs. The years became grayer and grayer for Pakita, and eventually depression and loneliness got to her. Seeing Pakita’s condition, volunteers decided to post pictures of Pakita online to increase the chances of finding a good family to take her in. Once the pictures were online, Ferreyra received a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s.

The woman’s son claimed that Pakita had escaped from home two years earlier and his son, Ariel Naveira, had been looking for her ever since. Ariel immediately went to the rescue center to confirm if Pakita was actually his dog. Pakita was still withdrawn when Ariel came, but when she started to recognize her owner’s smell, she started jumping on him and kissing him. Naveira told The Dodo there are no words to describe the happiness of being reunited to your dog after two years apart. For all this time, Pakita never needed a new home, she just needed to go back to where she really belonged.

Meet Pakita, the dog who was dropped off at a rescue center after being found wandering in the streets.

After two years in the rescue center, she still couldn’t find a forever home. People preferred to adopt puppies.

After seeind her photos online, a woman called, claiming that Pakita was her son’s dog.

After two years of seperation, Ariel Naveira and his dog, Pakita finally found themselves again, and made up for all the lost time.

Pakita is no longer the depressed dog who needed a home. She is happy and is not going to leave her dad again.

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