Black Guy Had The Perfect Comeback To Racist White Lady Who Didn’t Believe He Was Flying First Class

Just when you think the world has been well aware of racial prejudice, you hear another discrimination-related story. Turns out this world just doesn’t run out of nitwits who never learn. Good thing people like this cool dude named Emmit Walker, a DC-based music executive, exist to keep fighting for equality in brilliant ways.
His story began when a racist white lady tried to cut in front of him while they were boarding on the same priority line, and confidently blurted out mean and biased comments about him.
It was clear that this simpleton was making remarks about Walker being in the wrong line, assuming it was impossible for a black guy like him to fly first class. What she didn’t expect though, was Walker’s perfect comeback.
Check out the entire conversation below, and don’t forget to drop by Walker’s Facebook page and add him to the list of awesome people you follow.

Meet Emmit Walker, the cool guy who fought for equality to make this world a better place.

And that right there is the woman who tried to cut in front of Walker because she thought he didn’t have the right to stay in line for first class.

Now that’s how you burn a witch alive! Even the internet rejoiced with Walker’s victory.

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