Artist Photographs Girls And Their Cats Just To Prove That Cat Ladies Are Beautiful

Being called a cat lady doesn’t give any woman a good reputation. It’s apparently a stereotype for lonely and slightly strange women who own cats. If you are an ecstatic mother of cats and you do not like being labelled as a cat lady, then you ought to pay credits to Brooklyn-based fashion photographer, BriAnne Wills, the proud cat-owner behind the photo series called Girls and Their Cats. BriAnne came up with the series to specifically showcase cat-owning women in a positive light. She’s photographed over 180 women so far, some even include the cat owners’ inspiring stories. Below are some of BriAnne’s photographs featuring the most beautiful, non-stereotypical cat ladies we’ve ever seen. Don’t forget to follow Girls and Their Cats on Instagram to see the rest of BriAnne’s work, and drop by her website for more information about this project.

1. Anna Agneta & Captain

2. Ashley Meyers & Oliver

3. Maggie Freleng, Bandit & Daisy

4. Ana Coccioletti & Tabitha

5. Nadia Quinn, Pierre & Clementine

6. Afsy Kafei & Lucy

7. Meghan Farrell & Blue

8. Maggie Freleng & Bandit

9. Sara Anderson & Loki

10. Erica Prince & Boofy

11. Kate Ruppert & Smalls

12. Christina Lundy & Bean

13. Kacy Shelton, Mim & Fiona

14. Athena Wisotsky & Frikki

15. Christene Barberich & Phoebe

16. Simone Thompson & Nigel

17. Paulina Virgen & Schiap

18. Alexandra King, Lois & Maxine

19. Jess Peterson & Oscar

20. Anne Ishii & Natto

21. Aisha Awadallah & Alex

22. Jessica Roy & Lucy

23. Maggie Vocos & Millie

24. Alvina Bokhari & October

25. Jess McGowan & Benni

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