20 Foods To Eat And Avoid On An Empty Stomach

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, better memory, concetration and lower chances of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. But since you are literally breaking an eight hour fast, you should be careful in choosing the food you eat. There are some foods that an empty stomach doesn’t respond to very well. Upon waking up, you should be careful of these foods.
Here are 10 foods that you should avoid when your stomach is empty, and 10 that are definitely good even when eaten as the first thing in the morning.

1. Shortcrusts and puff pastries

These foods can irritate the lining of the stomach because of their yeast content. Other similar foods containing yeast may also cause flatulence.

2. Sweets

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To help you get up in the morning, your body releases hormones to increase insulin resistance. Eating sweets at the start of your day puts an unnecessary load on your pancreas, which can lead to diabetes.

3. Yogurt and other fermented milk products

Your stomach produces and stores hydrochloric acid. Eating yogurt and other food that contain lactic acid counteracts with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. So essentially, eating these for breakfast has little to no benefit to you.

4. Pears

Pears contain crude fiber that can injure your stomach’s delicate mucous membranes.

5. Tomatoes

The tannic acid in tomatoes can increase the acidity of the stomach, which can eventually lead to gastric ulcers.

6. Cucumbers and other green vegetables

Vegetables are generally good for the body, but when eaten on an empty stomach, they can cause heartburn, flatulence or abdominal pain.

7. Bananas

Eating bananas on an empty stomach creates a sharp increase of magnesium in the blood. High levels of magnesium could harm your heart in the long run.

8. Spices

These types of food can irritate your stomach’s gastric mucosa and increase it’s gastric production. This can contribute to numerous common disorders of the digestive system.

9. Cold carbonated drinks

Drinking a tall glass of soda when your stomach is empty reduces blood supply to th stomach and damages your stomach’s mucous membranes. This can lead to slower food digestion.

10. Citrus Fruits

Just like vegetables, fruits are good for your body. But because of their citric acid content, they can cause heartburn and increase the risk of gastritis and ulcers if eaten on an empty stomach.

It’s not enough that you avoid the foods that are bad for you, you should also take note of these foods that will help your body function properly throughout the day.

1. Oatmeal

Other than lowering your body’s cholesterol levels, eating oatmeal in the morning creates a protective lining in the stomach. This lining prevents damage to the stomach walls caused by hydrochloric acid.

2. Buckwheat

A healthy source of protein, iron and vitamins, buckwheat also stimulates the digestive process.

3. Cornmeal porridge


Normalizing your intestinal microflora, cormeal help you feel full for long periods of time. It also helps remove toxins and heavy metals from your system.

4. Wheat germ

A source of vitamin E and folic acid, wheat germ helps digestion by making sure your digestive system runs smoothly.

5. Eggs

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6. Watermelon

Containing high levels of lycopene, eating watermelon in the mornings keeps your eyes and heart healthy.

7. Blueberries

Research show that eating blueberries for breakfast regulates blood pressure, increases metabolism and improves memory.

8. Whole grain bread with no yeast

The carbohydrates and nutrients found in bread are necessary to fuel your body throughout the day.

9. Nuts

Normalizing your stomach’s pH levels, nuts improve digestive health.

10. Honey

Increasing the level of serotonin and boosts brain activity, honey helps awaken your body in the morning. This food helps provide strength and energy to your system.

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