20+ Angry Kittens Who Want To Be Taken Seriously Right Here, Right Meow

Although it may seem like the only emotion that cats feel is apathy, they can actually feel the same range of emotions as humans. They can feel happiness, sadness, fear and even anger. We may not notice cats express their happiness or sadness, but when they’re angry, they won’t let it go unnoticed. Cats are experts in hiding their true emotions behind their furry masks, but when it comes to anger, they’re not afraid to take the mask off. Just like these angry kittens, who look so furious and pissed off that they actually start to look hilarious and adorable. (h/t)

1. “This is MY COUCH!”

2. “Are You Just Gonna Stare At Me?”

3. “What Do You Expect Me To Do With This Unopened Fruit?!”

4. “You’re Not Listening To Me Human!”

5. “Don’t You Dare Leave Me Here Human!”

6. “What’s In Your Hand? Give It To Me!”

7. “I Know What You’re Thinking, It’s Not A Good Idea”

8. “Where Is That Mouse?!”


10. “Just Leave Us Alone”

11. “I Don’t Like Flash”

12. “What Do You Want Me To Do Now?”

13. “This Better Get Likes On Facebook”

14. “Ugh. Another Photoshoot?”

15. “I Told You I Don’t Like Mornings”

16. “HUMAN! Bring Me My Food!”

17. “What Shenanigans Are You Gonna Put Me Through Now?”

18. “Can’t You Just Give Me Space?”

19. “Stop Following Me With That Camera!”

20. “I’m Gonna Give You Ten Seconds To Walk Away”

21. “We Don’t Want To Go Home!”

22. “Is This All I’m Getting?”

23. “Can You Just Let Me Sleep In Peace?”

24. “Don’t Test Me, You’ll Regret It”

25. “You Think This Is Funny? Think Again”

26. “Get Rid Of This Impostor!”

27. “My Eyes Are Glowing With Hatred”

28. “What Is It NOW?”

29. “I’m Not Your Toy, Put Me Down”

30. “Don’t You Dare Post This On Facebook”

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