10+ Hilarious Reasons That Justify The Price Of iPhone X

Last week’s Apple event finally put an end to all the rumors we have been reading about the future iPhone during the last few months, and it confirmed the expensive price tag of the new iPhone X.
Needless to say, the web came up with some hilarious jokes about its price and its features, and here at Lift Me Up we’ve compiled a list of some of the most hilarious reasons why the new iPhone X isn’t so expensive, after all.
We are sure some of these will put a smile on your face. Just scroll down and remember to share your favorites with your friends.

1. It’s so tough

2. It’s so powerful

3. It’s so exclusive

4. Do not Disturb actually works

5. It saves you from call centers

6. iPhone X’s apple is organic.

7. Its display looks so real

8. It makes life better

9. The charger actually works

10. The Weather app

11. No more non-existent numbers

12. Airplane mode

13. You don’t just buy it

14. Another proof its display is the most advanced ever

15. The same alarm. Only better.

16. It’s subjective, after all…

17. The calculator

18. It tastes good

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