18 Hilarious Dogs Being Adorable Weirdos

If you have a dog, you know they are our natural stress-relievers. They are always able to make us smile, with their natural clumsiness. They are not caged in our society behavioral schemes, and they basically do whatever comes up to their mind, without worrying about being ridiculous or funny.
The result is that most of the times they make us smile and laugh without even trying.
With that being said, we knew we needed to bring in more dogs to help brighten up your day, and so we did.
Here then are 18 adorably weird dogs sending you some good vibes to perk up your day and enforce smiles on your gloomy faces. So scroll through the following photos and expect all you want from these funny little dogs, because they definitely know how to measure up.

1. This banana lover.

2. This dog who thinks clementines are balls.

3. This dog with a cat’s heart.

4. This bathtub intruder.

5. This great dancer.

6. This tree guardian.

7. This dog with intimidating looks.

8. This friendly dog encounter.

9. This clingy dog.

10. This dog lovin’ his new accessory.

11. This dog who loves pancakes.

12. This dog sure is a best friend.

13. This dog with a mischievous smile.

14. This terrific trio.

15. These attention-seekers.

16. This face of regret.

17. This concerned dog.

18. These faces of accomplishment.

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