15+ Hilarious Crappy Off-Brands That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

An off-brand is an unknown, unpopular or inferior brand of retail product. There are so many off-brands in the world, and this isn’t a funny thing per se.
But when you see off-brands that awkwardly try to imitate popular products, things can get pretty hilarious.
In this funny list of images brought to you by Lift Me Up, for example, the popular Head & Shoulders shampoo became Hair & Scalp, and we found out that Pizza Hut has a clever knockoff version named Pizza Hat, obviously with a man wearing a hat as a logo.
Low budget or not, we must admit that some of these off-brand creators definitely use some wit when it comes to name their products.

1. “Been living in Mongolia, so knock offs are commonly found in my day. But this is one of my favorites.”

2. Michaelsoft Binbows

3. Someone clearly did not think this one through

4. How did they get away with that

5. Mash Donald’s, “I’m tolerating it”

6. Hair&Scalp

7. Dolce&Banana

8. Is it even legal?

9. Nirvana

10. Budget brand, budget name

11. Specialman

12. It’s-a-me, Marco!

13. Sunbucks and Michael Alone

14. “Just like” Polo Sport

15. Ahhh, Los Angfles, the city that never slffps.

16. Mike

17. 7-Elephant

18. The wife of Burger King?

19. Mario Mouse from Disneyntendo?

20. KFG?

21. Dave.

22. Found in Argentina

23. Pear

24. Kicker

25. The slowest sun care ever

26. Beat by dr.dry

27. A croatian gem

28. It’s not The Rock

29. Nut Master

30. Queen and King weren’t enough

31. Please…

32. They almost fooled me

33. Disappointed cat’s generic food

34. Almost like butter

35. Gotta catch most of them

36. Where did it all go wrong?

37. I wonder how the games are

38. Hike

39. Thinger Strangs

40. PokyFriends

41. This one is actually genius

42. Ninja Tortoise

43. Turkish Nesquik

44. Shurk, and a bunch of other random characters

45. They even managed to fake a car

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