12 Funny Comics That Perfectly Depict Things We All Do To Our Pets

Whether you are a dog owner or a pet owner, there are definitely some behaviors you have in common with almost any other pet lover.
The comics of this gallery are the best way to depict the funny and weird things we all do for our beloved pets: have you ever showed your cat his reflection on the mirror to let him see how beautiful he is? Have you ever tried to quickly stuck your finger in your yawning pet’s mouth? Believe it or not, you are in good company. Just take a look at the following 12 behaviors, we are sure you will find some of them totally relatable. (h/t)

1. We’ve all tried our glasses on them at least once and tried to take a picture

2. We’ve all tried to show them their reflection in the mirror

3. We all have thousands of pictures of our pets in our phone

4. We all pretended to be dead to see their reaction

5. We are jealous when they like someone else more than us

6. We always gather other members of the family to witness the extraordinary things they do

7. We can’t stand to see them feeling pain

8. We all try to show them our love… Maybe trying a little too hard

9. If our pet is big enough, we’ve all carefully tried to use them as our fluffy pillow

10. We have tried at least once to stuck our finger in our pet’s yawning mouth

11. We’ve all turned their ears inside out, at least one time

12. Our love doesn’t prevent us from noticing the smell that sometimes comes out from their adorable mouths

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